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PNP 02/28/2012

Divided by 13 LDW 17/39 (EL34) : PNP's user review

" Class"

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Amplification tube

17 Watt Class A
39 watts Class AB1
Floor Power: 2x EL84
Channel 1: Bass - Middle - Treble - Master Volume-Volume


Very simple, the sound is right there.
Extraordinary momentum is everything, all the time: no pockets and no loss, everything comes in fine.
A cable and a guitar and that is enough.


More than perfect for the music I make. Sound very English (CWY, Plexi)
Lespaul and occasionally TV: a feast of fat punchy, very subtle. Just an overdrive for group play.


Almost two years, I think.
I used Soldano before, ROS and SLO. I did some comparative stored on different HP, LDW passes with a very high resolution: I was forced to crack!

Obviously expensive but it is really very upscale. And then a little good look at him.
And this choice I would do ...