ENGL E335 Screamer 50 Head
ENGL E335 Screamer 50 Head

E335 Screamer 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Screamer series.

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supernarvalot 05/30/2005

ENGL E335 Screamer 50 Head : supernarvalot's user review


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All adj t said ...
I put 9 of principle for the reverb ...


Cot use is extremely simple:
1 SETTING THE gain for the bright / crunch, 3 for the lead (gain, presence and volume), and a common eq (very effective).
For those who love the eq spar,
Well, the reverb is still anecdotal (I have a multi-purpose).
For cons, the great class is the switch. Each channel is separate and can even switch the volume gnral in hi or low.
Just go a reproach, the rglage rate effect which is the rear.


The friends, in terms of sound, adpote ... I play in the small 2x12 is going well and I can tell you it's not the speaker of tata.
Other precision before, I (like everyone else) a marshall. Cest is that you are going to see some REFERENCE ...
As for the Line6, I laugh !!!!! (It was me instead of a prt marshall, well, c'tait worse, but hey ... the tastes and colors ...).

The clear, beautiful with a small chorus + delay ... was flowing like water over the christal!
The small switch to turn on bright, all pass the sauce wah wah, and we go the shears ... (Personally, I love a little funky little rhythm, and tufts wahwahtes).

The Crunch: well it all beaaauuuuut. Everything is subtle in this mode (it's not really a channel), and depending on the attack, um ... Get the baby blues!

We will go the kids to bed and attacked the big piece: A lead trs nice for those who do not mind too trononneuse. It's hot, round, and especially one keeps one's prcis trs.
The sound of the guitar is prserve (well in my humble opinion).

And "last but not least," the general mchant lead (going to say but not runny and greasy, even not), standard ... there are no words to dcrire what I felt when I made my first chord. My great-aunt silent good-sister would have dcoiffe t!
Once again super prcis. Marshall had one before and I thought that my perfect sweep taient ... bin and now I know that there is still work!
An old palm mute and PAN! all windows on the ground, the neighbor who bangs against the wall opposite the type who finds himself with the slip on the head, a real treat. No, is not to say, Marshall cot is the # @ & !!!!! (Wonder how they could become as bad and more importantly why do they continue to sell as much).

In short, it's a plane, a modern sound (yeah, it's not done to the vintage!) And has done everything for me, whatever the style (jazz, rock or metal).

I put 9 because I have a VHT dj jou ... (OK, so it's not the same price, but it's not a reason).


Beautiful ...
Originally (I know my life do not INTERESTED but I tell you when the same), I just wanted to add a baffle in the ass and the marshall Gillou said "try the quick Engl you tell me the news. "
Bon ben I go (Engl, I know, what's that thing, since when they make music ... in short the Teutonic type not convinced at all).
Get Connected, and the encounter of the 3rd kind ... with all the comments I made above.
In 5 minutes, I screwed up the trash marshall (finally time to sell) and I bought.
In addition to the look is excellent (the faade mirror class, the speaker, it's tough, all chrome logo and not just old white plastic, the grid protection cabinet, well it is a real protection ...
In short, the report qualitprix (ah has, I like to report qualitprix) unbeatable.

Small addition APRS have the test bte scne on the 2x12 really brings a lot! I played the combo to compare and I have ben a bit of t ...
So 100% for the stack!

Do I have found my stuff DEFINITIONS? not ... I said I tried a VHT dj, so when I'd be a millionaire, well I Achteras before, well I think I'll stick with this stuff.

Gillou thank you ...