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lmerdeux 01/23/2005

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp : lmerdeux's user review


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Amplifier 100 W RMS, all lamps, 13 in total.

3 amps 2 channels = 6 channels in total
Boulc effect
poccibilité the option to add a controller card noon (interesting to change
channel along a preset multi purpose ...)
With a 7-alu péfalier switch (6 changes a channel and start the loop fx)
There is an equalization amplifier with a gain channel and volume
There was also a master general, with a presence and mik-General for the effects loop.
Bright switch and also present on the channels clear and crunch


Hyper simple, each with its own amp equalizer,
Be careful with gain settings, the volume of each amp and master volume to keep
uniformity in the output level.
Easily obtained sound that one seeks, with little to head
The manual is quite clear and I advise to read all that is speaker connections.


For my style is absolutely perfect, good versatility, the advantage is that it is
possible to sound quite different box 3 (1 per amp), not 6, because of the settings
égualisation of common ...

I play it with a parker fly deluxe and a Gibson Nighthawk, it perfectly transcribed differences in timbre of the two guitars.

The amp dedicated a clear sound, provides christallin sound on channel 1 and sounds more
jazzy in two, with more rounded and less bass and treble. Channel 2 also can cruncher
slightly boosting the gain, for a nice blues. Connect an electronic sound on this channel, of happiness ...

The 2 amp dedicated to crunch is probably the least convincing ... and yes it is always the same comment for this amp. Channel 1 is not bad, with a healthy dose of treble and midrange, for channel 2, with the gain high enough, it sounds obient asse drooling, not quite to my taste, with a lack of precision.

The amplifier 3 is clearly dedicated to distorted sounds. The channel can perform a rhythmic rock with a punch just fine. Channel 2 is great for my taste. full of punch and dynamics, although it retranscit all frequencies, the bass can be enormous, delicious. in solo play, it''s great. In addition there is very specific

In short, for me it's all good! not 10 but for channel 8 crunch that could have been more successful


I've had a year, I bought it in a state of OCCAZ almost new, with the baffle.
I find it versatile enough for utinisation I have.
We can put Marshall, Fender in the closet, for against, for the price, it deserves to be better equipped to go tickle the Engl, Bogner and Mesa.
Just a note ... I know some who have offered grateux of Mesa for more versatility, which is probably true in terms of gear! ! After having seen him play quite a few times, I realized that these guys were playing only the boosted channel of the mesa and always with the same EQ .... Briefly, the same sound all the time ....
To you to test you realize what he can do.

We find the cheap today.

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