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Klemt Echolette BS40
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saucisson saucisson
Publié le 10/17/11 à 05:53
bass amp all lamps originally equipped lamps ecc808 not easily found but incomparable to the grain (especially with the 12AX7). 4 inputs no reverb, two channels gain a winning treble middle bass 2 and presence. There is a general volume behind the head very convenient to play saturated "low volume".
40 watts. I have to go with the baffle with two alnico 12 inches (the class!)
year of manufacture: 1963 for mine.


Very simple, so easy to see.


This is tip top. On a low is not what I prefer. But on a guitar as so often with these old amps is a vamp! Some say it is the response of the German bassman (the first). This amp is made for a jtm45 cruncher. A reasonable volume the sound is very nice and clear when you push a little it starts to saturate with a grain but no pedal can reproduce, it's beautiful, it's hot. I play indie pop, but it would be perfect for playing blues or rock and roll, there's a video on the net Yardbirds playing with all of Echolette bs 40 used by Jimmy Page please ...


I have this amp for less than a year now. After a good review (the Mullard origins were burnt out) it sounds of thunder. I use it regularly in concert as repetition. If you only see the crystal clear sound fender go your way, if you like to play with the attack of your guitar, or even with the knobs on top so it is scratched gently, the sound is there with a clear super grain and when you attack this fabulous crunch with harmonics. This amp is not versatile and that's why I bought it.