Krank Amplification Rev Jr Pro
Krank Amplification Rev Jr Pro

Rev Jr Pro, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Krank Amplification.

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metalsymph 02/15/2010

Krank Amplification Rev Jr Pro : metalsymph's user review


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Hi-Gain Head All Tube:

2 6L6 / 5881 Sovtek power
February 12 AX7 preamp in

Peculiarity: no button "stand-by!

2 versions available: 25W and 50W

Impedance selector 8 to 16 Ohms

Presence button

Effects loop (active on newer versions), adjusting the input level.

Footswitch clear channel / channel saturated
All made in the USA, we feel that it's solid, it is a well finished product I think.


Very easy to use, provided you here with a real hi-gain head reduced to its basic functions, namely:

1 Channel clear "Kleen Channel, with a volume, bass and treble

1 Channel Saturated "Krank Channel, with gain, volume, bass, mid, treble, and a button" sweep "(parametric EQ), very useful and acting directly on the existing equalization to bring out more bass or treble, allowing you to sculpt your sound in detail (I love!). We can get the sound you want quickly.

No second overdrive channel for leads by example (but we are dealing here with a small head, do not forget), but the effects loop can help solve this concern, by plugging in chorus or a pedal with volume. Caution, however at the entry level of the latter and the settings of your multi-effects, if whistles guaranteed. We must spend time to find the right balance.

Weak point, the manual available on the site Krank, only 3 pages, and are not very complete. But the minimum to start is described.


Simply put, it's KRANK!, And even in version "concentrated", it sends severe! It is literally awesome, like what size is nothing ;-) Technically, this is a feat, to my knowledge, this is the only manufacturer offering to date this type of heads in the category Hi-Gain ".

I've found the perfect sounds of my old Peavey Ultra Plus for example, with a lot of pounds and inches and less!

Of course this amp was designed for the metal in all its forms, good for heavy bass with huge, that sounds fatter, trash, death, etc. ... I think it is a very versatile head at this level. Tons of gain are available, and if you still not enough, go see the side of his little sister, Krankenstein Junior (based Krankenstein, head of the late Dimebag)

For info I can tell you that you cover the 50W version without a battery problem, even with a 1x12 (I have an ENGL equipped V30)! The sound is already very high volume to "1". This head is also designed to plug into a 4x12, I have not had the opportunity to try again but it seems that it handles very well.

The clean sound is very decent for this type of amp, but do not expect a warm, vintage, this is not the topic here :-) For some effects cons with the record is very good.


Before I decide on this model, I've tested in the store the previous version, the Rev. Junior Standard, which had already bluffed. He simply lacked a clear channel with separate volume and EQ, and a footswitch. And oh joy came the Pro version ...

Despite the very great difficulties to get the head in France (the importer, at least in my case was not serious, and there were more than 4 months of waiting ... so in total, Krank seems to favor the North - U.S. European market, so the products arrive to us in dribs and drabs), and its high price (expect to pay around 900 € for the 50W version, 700 € for the 25W) is a marvel and I do it again this choice! I have found all the qualities I was looking for, and later transport it is a treat (21 x 40 cm in height from 19 to ten kg)