Laney VH100RN
Laney VH100RN

VH100RN, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the VH series.

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scorchesofdusk 01/22/2009

Laney VH100RN : scorchesofdusk's user review


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This is the new generation of home VH100R Laney.
So nothing new except that more (and larger): A lot less breath!
Moreover, the logo is smaller and less coarse, and handles are inlaid directly into the head, a little less bulky and more convenient.


Very simple configuration, intuition gives a sound that matches what you expect! (Well at least for me)
Minimum: The manual in English, technically, even as almost fluent in English, it is difficult to understand certain things.
But as I said, this head is very easy to use.


Perfectly matches that I play ( )
whatsoever, jazz, metal, rock.
I played with two guitars characters, a Lespaul Gibson and a Fender Lace Sensor with Microphone (red silver blue)
I will get very good cleans brilliant and very distos crystal but it is extremely versatile and the ability to work many sounds!


Having already recorded on a mesa triple grind, and played on many marshall ... I prefer the Laney VH100RN 10 times!
I use it recently but I know it's an investment sr and I'll keep it long.
The design is very sober, but this new generation, the head is very class! we do not realize the picture but when I came out of the box i was on the ***!
The price is very affordable to nine (1152 euros at and used at the moment I have not seen it yet.
I would do without this choice problem.