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Marshall JCM600 [1997-2000]
Marshall JCM600 [1997-2000]

Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall belonging to the JCM600 series.

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«  a modernized JCM800: plug & play »

Publié le 03/13/14 à 05:56
the JCM600 is the natural evolution of the JCM800

designed to meet the need of rock "modern" in the late 1990's,
it has a very close 800 grain, and sounds hotter than 900

the JCM600 is more comprehensive in terms of setting and therefore more versatile


50 watts RMS
2x EL34 power
4x 12AX7 preamp
two channels (clean / crunch)
Separate EQ for each channel + master volume
presence control (at the rear of the amp, why?)
spring reverb (adjustable for each channel)
effects loop (parallel or serial) + mix control
Release 8 and 16ohms
XLR output


This is a very easy to understand amp.
The knobs are effective and respond well.
Foot: it has a master volume.

2 independent EQing (clean / OD) and the impressive reserve Gain, do all that we can play with jazz - blues - rock - heavy

Y has enough buttons to find his Son, without it becoming a gas plant!

For those who want the stack of origin: the 4x10 cabinet that was sold at the time should be banned!!!
it is not a matter of personal taste, no no, it is simply not suitable ...
objectively, what comes out does not make any tribute to the quality of the amp
the sound is muffled, supercharged, not accurate ...: S

opt for a 2x12 ": this is the day and night

I put 8/10 because of the cab too thin and unsuitable


I play mostly blues and rock 70/80
this amp is simply excellent in these areas
Guitars used: Gibson Les Paul Standart and FENDER Stratocaster

My head is connected to a JCM600 2x12 cabinet V30
marriage is top: the ample, present specific
Classic Lead 80 or Eminence Swamp Thang still are very good choice of HP

this is a rare marshall that I support his CLEAN
yet it is not the strongest of the brand, but now we get to have the brightness and precision
funk with a strat it terribly well

the overdrive channel is the strong point of this amp
a GAIN knob graduated from 1 to 20 ...!
marshall says it all: we are on a high gain amp

I use this channel only with GIBSON LP
remaining due on the gain (1> 3) we obtain very nice little bluesy OD
to 1/4 of the stroke was the crunch AC / DC
1/2 is one of the Gun's
from 3/4 is the deluge of fire! I personally never walk in these parts ... distortion too trashy for me (although this is very audible and quality)


This amp has not seen the commercial success it deserved and was produced a few years (late 1990's)

the incompatibility of the cabinet and its HP is certainly something
think to change HP if you want to keep the 4x10 config stack time
then choose the Vintage 10 or Eminence Legend 10

little feedback on this amp and the lack of proper demo make it unknown and little sought
in fact it is widely available rates: 300 to 400 is a good deal ...
but rare (and lucky) owners who do not have it rip easily!

Today, I can not separate myself!
because I can play with all and each time the sound is still waiting for you

In addition, the crunch is to die, no need to pedal: plug & play

I'll buy a good second if the opportunity presented itself ...?