Orange Rocker 30H
Orange Rocker 30H

Rocker 30H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Rocker 30 series.

Teen Minded 02/12/2013

Orange Rocker 30H : Teen Minded's user review

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Head 30 watts RMS Class A
2 x EL34 power and 3 ECC83 / 12AX7 preamp in
Cranberries 2: Natural & Dirty
Section "Dirty": Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble / Gain
Section "Natural" and Volume is
HP Output 16 ohms or 8 ohms twice
Footswitch not included, so - 2 points.
Solid construction.
However, failure of this amp, which is also its quality is its simplicity: no reverb, no effects chain.
Amp a bit expensive to purchase new, made in England, is no longer manufactured today has been replaced by the Thunder 30, made in China.


A guitar amp easy to use? Orange did. This amp is a "plug & play", in French "branch & play". The sounds are very good quality, even with the EQ settings in 12hrs. I use it with my two guitars, namely a Rickenbacker 620 and a Charvel San Dimas Style 2 2H (see my opinion on these two instruments if interested). He respects very much the sound identity of these two guitars that sound both in different ways. It is plugged into a sealed box of the same brand PPC212.
Against by not believing that 30 watts is not much. We did more than enough to go deaf.
Use Macro mode the apartment is complicated but possible. Explanations in "Dirty" to get a nice overdrive sound on this kind of amp should turn up the gain, but also the volume to enjoy the natural saturation of the power tubes, otherwise, if we not merely up the gain, not the volume that is what will happen: it will sound very fuzz, and volume knob not even one. Just one touch volume, boom! The downstairs neighbor who knocks on your floor with its brushes. To play big sound, this is what I did: EQ set at leisure, and gain volume 3. It has a nice clear sound, which we add a distortion effect using a Line6 POD preamp (for example), and adjust the overall volume with the preamp Line 6. It was indeed a good practice that this amp is equipped with an integrated aténuateur as its big brothers Thunderverb & Rockerverb. It will thus able to enjoy the full potential "saturax" of the amp without the workaround described above.
In repeated use or concerts, or if you do not have neighbors, of course, the problem does not arise.
So I take two points Grifondor. Uh no sorry, my amp, for lack of aténuateur or master volume.


Sounds. If everyone had the same tastes, there will not many manufacturers. So here is my opinion:
Channel "Natural" with a single volume knob on your guitar will directly lamps powers, no equalization possible. This channel restitura wonderfully (for good or ill, it will be used by the guitar) the sound of your favorite guitar. It does very well with my Rickenbacker, a little less with my Charvel.
Channel "Dirty" my favorite! the big saturated genre Converge (by pushing it with my Ricken ') through Oasis & Dropkick Murphy's or good doom / stoner / sludge, it should however be not to play the death or other black-métalleries Scandinavian (which I love, by the way), because of its architecture amplificative "so british", and therefore necessarily very rich in medium / medium low. It sounds very hate dug, gender bass & treble thoroughly midle to zeros. Finally, he hates when I write, it will not break nor make him vomit his lamps and HP of the caisson, do not worry, but it does not Sonera terrible.


I had a long desire to sell through an ad on this site, but I finally kept, as it sounds good, and fear of regret, no longer being manufactured, and its starting to climb coast .
Amp endearing, not perfect, but which compensates for the weaknesses sound quality it broadcasts.
In short, if you find one, buy it, or steal, make your own!
Which to fly, to fly, to fly the Orange Rocker 30???