Orange Rockerverb 50 Head
Orange Rockerverb 50 Head

Rockerverb 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Rockerverb series.

James... 08/06/2011

Orange Rockerverb 50 Head : James...'s user review

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This is Orange's modern rock amp. Clean and lead channel with reverb. Not much more complicated than that. 6V6 tubes and 50 watts. Perfect for gigs. Minimal controls. Not a lot to say here.


I played in a pop rock band for a few years and this is one of the amps I tried during that process. I toured with it and everything. I played a Les Paul Custom into it. My pedal board consisted of a boss delay, a tubescreamer, a fulltone ocd, and some boutique chorus I can't remember. Pretty simple. I originally had an orange 2x12 but I found it too bassy so I started using a Splawn half stack with Vintage 30's.


The clean channel for me was pretty meh to be honest. The reverb is overbearing. On anything higher than 2 it sounds stupid. Just my opinion. I don't really use it anyway. I'm not really sure what label to give the cleans. They aren't vox or fender. Maybe both. They're quite dark and they are usable but in my band we rarely did cleans anyway.

Lead channel through my setup was very very bassy. With the Orange 2x12 is was overkill so I switched to a Splawn cab. That helped a little. Still this amp has a ton of bass. I was shocked. I generally have to run bass at 2 or 3 with everything else past noon. I can't really think of another amp I have to do that to. Tonally, it sounds like a slightly hot rodded JCM800 with more fuzz and thickness in the lower end. That's a simple way of putting it. Maybe it's my rig but I doubt it.


After a few months of touring I finally got tired of the extreme bass on this amp. I got a nice JCM800 which pleased me a lot more. I can't write off the rockerverb though. If you want a bassy marshall, this is the one to get. Simple as that. It sounds awesome for that application.