Orange TH100 Head
Orange TH100 Head

TH100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the TH series.

James... 01/28/2012

Orange TH100 Head : James...'s user review

« Keep is simple stupid »

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Dirty channel controls: Volume, Shape, Gain
Clean channel controls: Treble, Bass, Volume
Effects loop
Output: Class AB, switchable between 100, 70, 50, and 35 watts
Preamp tubes: 4 x ECC83
Ouput tubes: 4 x EL84
Effects loop tubes: 1 x ECC81
Half-power switch
Speaker outputs: 1 x 16 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms
Dimensions: 21.6" x 9.5" x 9.5"
Weight: 33 lbs.


I have used a lot of different orange amps over the years. They seem to always make their way into my collection. In the past I have strayed more toward the Rockerverb and AD30 amps and not really payed much attention to the other models. But I had a chance to pick up a TH100 on the cheap so I went for it.

The TH100 features a variable wattage, and these days a lot of amps are doing this. In my experience, it's not exactly a full proof feature because you are really just choking a 100 watt tranny instead of actually putting a smaller tranny in there. The intended effect is felt but with all variable wattage amps you have to keep in mind that it's not perfect.

The controls are idiot proof. Clean channel is literally a set your volume affair. The gain channel doesn't even have an EQ. I like this approach because I am usually the less is more kind of amp lover.


I'm glad Orange went with EL34's even though the fad with these high gain amps seems to be 6l6. It's good to think of the TH100 as a simpler, high gain version of the rockerverb. The clean channel is pretty jazzy. It's very transparent and let's the guitar do most of the talking. Obviously if you lower the wattage the clean channel breaks up more.

The lead channel is indeed very nasty. It sounds equally good for lead and rhythm types of play. The low gain tones are okay. But the real strength of this amp is the high gain stuff. It can get super doomy. Classic rock stuff just sounds iffy though.


This is really more of a high gain amp that doesn't really lend itself to anything but metal or heavy rock. But it is good at those things. And the clean is actually usable. I think it fills its niche very well. Not the most versatile amp. If you want mellower tones get a rockerverb.