Peavey Classic 100 Head
Peavey Classic 100 Head

Classic 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Classic (Discontinued) series.

rat.masterson.3 02/06/2014

Peavey Classic 100 Head : rat.masterson.3's user review

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I just picked up an old Classic 100 head with some kind of custom made boutique speaker cab for $350 U.S. on Ebay. The era of anti-Peavey snobbery is over for me. I had it inspected, cleaned and "tuned-up" for $100. Wow. This is an amazing and versatile amp! I've paid triple the price for much less amp. Beautiful clean tones and great overdrive. The nice thing with this overdrive is, you can keep the level low, and it retains the great, glassy clean tone, but adds only slight gain. Those 8 El84 tubes do serve a purpose. Full, rich tone!

I have played and owned all kinds of amps, from Mesa Boogies, to Fenders, to Marshalls. This is now the amp for me. Rock, Blues, Country, Surf, Jazz. Probably not for the hardest Metal, but with the right pedals, you could pull that off, too.


Easy to get good sounds. Manual is acceptable.


70s era Les Paul. Various MIM and American Strats. This thing brings out the classic Strat and Les Paul tones out of the guitar. Also seem to help with playing dynamics.


I've been playing for over 40 years. Tried and owned all kinds of amps. I'm now selling several of my others. This one is a keeper.

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