Peavey Windsor Head
Peavey Windsor Head

Windsor Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Windsor series.

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pierrejean-2007 10/17/2008

Peavey Windsor Head : pierrejean-2007's user review


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Power manufacturer claims, or if I 12O watts is abusing tural, the lamps are by appointment to remind us, of course, those are OE quality trs average, however, meaningless given the modest purchase price rgulirment finding in stores, and then turns the lights ca! I do not m'tendrai rglages and the effects it is best to make the Discoveries from a reseller.


This head has a simple configuration unexceptional accssible everything is clear and the sound as it is similar and typ particulirement by far one of the many Obviously Marshall JCM 8OO, however, the clean sound is practically non-existent and lattention surprise, ds that we try to Exceeds level 1 and even less of the saturated volume knob on, trs good for those who do not know the sound clear in their games but for all others is the amp not to buy or at least try prventivement has in store. Personally I played on two Marshall 1960 A, is my humble opinion is an impractical requirement for sound quality I mean by that, whatever the brand of the cabinet must be used to put the premium for a given + as correct.


No comment on this topic.!


I use this head for + a year and get full satisfaction for it take me to do a meeting on the ebay store music St Germain, St Germain les Corbeil situ in dpartement 91, the the boss who prnomme Pierre PROCD a change in my amp, I will not go into the technical aspects of this transformation as well as its price is low as +! musician friends rest assured s
it's the top of "RANGE" and that whatever happens you will be greatly satisfied with the report of this transformation, because in this case prcis one can speak of transformation, and even + bonus, your amp will transcend warranty and found clear sound even pushing the knob trs high volume, short, to explain all this it is best to contact the developer of this project that I know today, will happy to share his passion amps and music!!