Soldano Hot Rod 50
Soldano Hot Rod 50

Hot Rod 50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Soldano.

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Christopher M. McBurney 07/18/2018

Soldano Hot Rod 50 : Christopher M. McBurney's user review

"Fantastic Amp- Killer Tones"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
My first +$1000 amp was a 1994 single channel Soldano Hot Rod 50. Fantastic amp. Granted it was hard to get clean tones out of it at any loud volume, the overdriven tones were wonderful. Mid focused, squishy complex tones. Great, great lead tones. I've owned 2 SLOs and I honestly feel the tone of my Hot Rod 50 was just as good. In fact, I feel the Hot Rod 50 has some magic that the SLOs don't have. Whereas the 100 watt SLOs are big, bold and tight, these Hot Rod 50s have a big of magical squishy-ness to them that is so unique and beautiful. For the $1000-$1300 these early Hot Rods go for on the used market, a wonderful value. You get what you pay for, and in a Hot Rod 50, you get killer tones, an incredibly well built unit, and just such a cool amp. With SLOs going for $3000 typically on the used market, these early Hot Rod 50s are a steal at perhaps $1000-1300. Love them.