SubZero Tube-H5 Head
SubZero Tube-H5 Head

Tube-H5 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from SubZero.

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moi_34 10/17/2014

SubZero Tube-H5 Head : moi_34's user review

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The brand is not NewTek is: SubZero.
The Applications is: Tube-H5
As it is impossible to create a new brand .. I put here and asked the site to create the brand to store this contrib. thank you
Supposedly lamp .. EL84 + ECC83
Power 5W, 3 speaker outputs
Severe Acute, clean channel volume, gain + volume for lead channel.
No I / O effects
No reverb
Well, we will not be challenging for a head sold 120 euros.


Very simple config.
Cute little head.
OK for all.
Clean sounds OK, typical lamp, but not very slap, not very versatile, not talkers.
Distortion fuzz .. rather kind transistors.
And for good reason. (See below)


I tried with Standart Gibson SG.
Well, it's not for the fusion of metal or rather .. Rock.


I got this almost new and HS head to fix it (I love it).
By opening this one, it finds
1) the preamp is made by integrated CI.
2) the distortion is generated by OP
3) of a moist ECC83 is not used!
4) the output transformer was out of order, because the primary was shorted to the secondary!
In other words, it was VERY wound merdiquement .. anyhow.
The transformer power supply is poorly calibrated.
With the tilt, the signal is very crappy, which explains the absence of fishing, versatility.
In short, it is pure crap, as I do not think it can exist.
Although the sound is nice (although disappointing for a tube amp), the reliability is not there.
I would not recommend buying .. in 3 years, all these heads will be thrown.
A take to tinker ..