Two-Rock Exo 15
Two-Rock Exo 15

Exo 15, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Two-Rock.

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Kiou 12/16/2013

Two-Rock Exo 15 : Kiou's user review

«  THE sound Two Rock pocket size! »

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Any head lamp 15 watts (6V6, 12AX7, 5AR4), hand wired USA
Effects loop
The peaking
Outputs 4, 8, 16 ohms

Design a little special (we like it or not like it), I take a point because it does not make it super convenient to carry around. Second because it also came with one button of a die-tight knob for a high head range is average (though a turn of the screw and it is set).

For the rest it seems very solid and built to last, and the blue light around the buttons is the most beautiful effect!


Child use.

Each knobs responds gradually. We find the classic Treble, Mid and Bass. Over a contour that lets you add or remove the brightness button. The Master is very effective, and overjoyed she keeps all its dynamics at low volume!


So here we play in the yard very large! Gain just pushed a beautifully natural clean is obtained, is crystalline, dynamic and above all, it responds to every nuance of your playing smoothly and quickly. This is by far the most beautiful clear sound that I had the opportunity to play. Pushing the gain, it starts merrily cruncher, but it is beautifully clean, dynamic and awesome.

Requires a single channel, it is also designed to magnify the pedal that sticks to upstream, it obviously made perfectly! Do not be afraid to buy it for rock that task.


I use it for 2 months and it was hard to wait to step back before you come to talk about as it gives me happiness since. I've owned a lot of amps (mainly Fender SuperSonic, AD30TC Orange, Peavey Classic 30). I notice that the head changes slowly play my way because it responds instantly to every nuance. This is simply the best clean channel I played, but also a super highway to magnify your favorite pedals. It is therefore suitable for all types of music (except hard).

Boutique amp requires, it is difficult to play in stores. It is against distributed online guitarsrebellion in France and the Netherlands haarguitars.