Two-Rock Jet 35 Head
Two-Rock Jet 35 Head

Jet 35 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Two-Rock in the Jet series.

iamqman 08/01/2011

Two-Rock Jet 35 Head : iamqman's user review

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Two Rock is an amplifier company that has carved out a nitch of high end guitar players and professionals. These amps are not amps that are at your local Guitar Center or Sam Ash. These amps are very expensive and can be kind of difficult to locate or track one down. They have have an assortment of different amps to choose from and this one is more towards the middle of the road in price and flexibility.

This amp is the 35 watt versions of the Jet series from Two Rock. This is an expanded version of the 33 watt Jet amp head. This one has the same components and tone but a few more tweak able adjustments making it even more versatile. This amp has more pull push control that allow for more versatility and use. This amp is the exact same amp as the black version but just in a blonde tolex covering. You get the same great tone and features but just a sweet cosmetic upgrade.



* 35 Watts 6L6 (or 22 watts using 2x6V6)
* Pull Bright/Mid/Deep Control
* Pull Bypass/Lead on front of chassis and foot switch
* Serial Loop
* Spring reverb with external "Drive" control on back of the amp

Dimensions: 15" L x 10" H x 10" D
Weight: 31 lbs


Instead of using 6v6 power tubes like the Jet 22 amp from Two Rock, this one uses 6L6 powers tubes. With the 6L6 tubes you will get a full sound scaling from top to bottom of your tone. The 6L6's will allow for more headroom and a tighter bottom end of the tone. You will have less midrange and less distortion but a rounder more blossoming tone. It is all just a matter of taste when it comes to power tubes and some prefer ones to others and power tubes that fit their attack and playing style. These tubes make this amp a fuller more 3D type of tone.

The amps sound great with any guitar that you throw at it. If you play with a Fender Telecaster or a Fender Stratocatser or even a Gibson Les Paul, there is a simple control knob that is labeled contour and that will allow you to better compensate the changing of guitar without having to re-dial in the amps EQing section. This allows for better adjustments to pickups and body woods.


At new these amps come in right at around $3250. That is an ouch kind of price! There is no up charge for the blonde tolex covering. That is a pretty penny for this type of amp that really is a single channel amp. That is one problem I see with this builder. They are doing anything major or something that other amp builders can't do. They don't have special alien components that make their amps better to which they only have access too. They just charge way too high of prices for theirs amps. There are a lot of builders out there who are not as big a name as Two Rock that can build just a quality of amps but for far less prices than these guys. I don't recommend paying this price for this amp. Not worth it!