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cloud100 04/17/2010

Vox AC50CPH : cloud100's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
All-tube amp (Preamp: 3x12AX7, Power: 2xEL34 class AB 50W RMS so thoriques)
- 1 pot. "Master Volume" upstream of the power for the Gnral floor level.
- 2 channels indpendants selectable by switch in faade OR footswitch (included)
Channel 1: volume, reverb, tone cut, bass, middle, treble, gain.
Channel 2: volume, reverb, presence, bass, middle, treble, gain, swith "bright" switch "fat"
- Reverb possible to disable the footswitch
- 1 between front guitar (!!).

Effects loop
(1 Send, Return + 1 switch high / low level switch + bypass)
Direct adjustable output level indpendant master amp
(Jack or XLR + Pot. Level + switch + ground lift switch low pass filter)
Jack socket for the footswitch
(Reverb / channel selection)


Simple to use, no need any tweaking to get a pure sound,
you plug the guitar rule on the volume, gain and live adchire.

the knob 'Tone cut' on the clean is super convenient, it rgle equa and ajouste the 'tone cut' in terms of the guitar pickups.


-Clean Vox: silence, a kill. We go up the gain and you get a great crunch.
-Lead: His ranging from blues to jazz great view Rock Hard Rock.
The switch "bright" changes the answer curve the amount mdium / treble
The Switch "fat" can boost the distortion to have a very hard rock sound.


I have this head for 6 months and I really found what I was looking for,
Group is the top because its a lot of body piercing rhythmic and well in solos.
Head overkill: the battery cover without difficulty not need more for the big scene
I did not really understand why the head is left in for 50 100watt are largely the case.

Excellent qualitprix report for a beautiful head with a pure sound.