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itekneo 08/04/2004

Crate TDP : itekneo's user review


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1U rack Prampli CRATE TDP lamps
2 channels and rhythmic LEAD
An effects loop
1 headphone

just enough not frills!
(I dtest when there are fifty miles rglages for drinking something!)


If you're able to move your fingers to turn it on, you're able to serve thee!
I do not have the manual, but there is no need.


The pramp test is a version of us OCCAZ

the gear used a Yamaha silent SF-700 humbucker with the branch t pramp crate on the back of a marshall 80w (history of having some EHJV ...)

well, the ds beginners with little rglages, we can say that a spit!!
bte the screams and always want to scream even louder .....

it was good toy, it actually seems to have potato in the small box!

did some good rglages, and the foot! amp bulbs actually ... what a sound! the sound is rich, round, hot ... I like the sound in my expression 'purr', a bit of ACDC ... but I do not like the sound mtal ... the great big rock sound a little fat ...
the agreement is good trs regardless of the channel and lead channel, a marvel for solos!

the lead channel restores a raucous, well rounded, trs rich, full of harmonics .... a reflection of the scratch is' purr but this thing plays itself! " .. was an easily replicated his solo slash the ... happiness! the holding of the bend is excellent and restores full of harmonics, happiness for solos.

the other channel distortion is less well or blah ... but against more clear, what happiness! rglages and some .... its a great jazz or trs good! was lucky, one of jazz guitar is a scratch! And off he goes into a jazz solo for a few minutes, just to see a little of what was available across the height of the handle .... trs good and well rponse pramp of the notes ring, he regrets not having brought your guitar jazz ....


I have since last night and I was pleasantly surprised by trying it!

I have a cot and a vamp marshall (v8080), and finally the well-vamp down in my estimation ....
on the other hand with good rglages, there is something learned from the marshall sounds good trs despite the claims of its dtracteurs!

silent last night on three scratch to test bte, I must say that it does in the ass!

ngatifs the point:
- The sound in the headphones nothing to do with the sound out of Marshall, it is simply not good.

this is the bomb !!!!!! pramp I regret not buying!