Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n
Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n

English Muff'n, Tube Guitar Preamp from Electro-Harmonix.

Fozen 06/20/2014

Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n : Fozen's user review

«  Warm overdrive »

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Overdrive Pedal 2 lamps
12V AC (yes I have the U.S. version) ... but thank you Cioks!
It must consume less 800mA


Volume - Gain - Trebble - Mid - Low
Simplissimes settings


This pedal is the "Overdrive" to me.
I do not gain goes wrong and serious mid + treble leaving far behind and there was a great sound crunchy and serious, with a hallucinatory presence that you drill the guts!
I play with a Strat American Special pickups Texans.
This couple is perfect there ... like a wine agreement / cheese if you like!


I use it for 3 years
I compared a lot of demos and no other pedal brought me the warmth and presence of the EHX.
What I like the most serious presence crunchy!
Good it is expensive ... but it sounds like we did not often. and then the case is super solid.
With experience, yes, a thousand times yes I referrer that choice!