ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp
ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp

E570 Special Edition Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from ENGL.

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Dopamine Dream 06/25/2007

ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp : Dopamine Dream's user review


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Everything is said about it I think. I always regret that the knobs are not of qualisation paramtrable midi, hard not to still 10 ..


The noise gate is crap intgre: shhhh it leaves a standard in the sound, I do not shut up and suddenly realized I have sold, since that is who I refourguer a test another noise gate (software), the sound is standard, everything I loved, without the horible shhh! Cost the difrence I almost had a heart attack! DO NOT RELY ON ITS GOT WITH INTEGRATED NOISE GATE! on the other hand, there must be an absolute, without CONTRL, power is nothing ...


The manual is excellent, suggre uses multiple options, and the interface is intuitive trs.


I do not have this preamp for apprci THE FIRST year of use, grain too violent, too bzzz in the sound, not prcis ... until the rvlation with a VHT 2502, this preamp sounds perfectly:
-Clean sounds are terrible, even non-metalheads know, crystalline (optional super and ultra bright), balance ...
-Rhythmic sounds are exactly what I'm looking for metal, powerful, prcis!
-Solo sounds are terrible (only with VHT), gain, mood, without much need for compression, singing, expressive, in short, what the myth!

Small precision: I do not play death metal or black metal or trash and I do not generally associate the sound of guitars has the style.


Note that the preamp is pretty trs with multiple LEDs, it works for my taste only with the VHT 2502, to render effective and versatile to the extreme at a time, a little bit behind on the volume button and everything is couraging!
Actually I sold when I saw it did not suit me (because of shhh prcedemment cit), it leaves out (appeared) too violent ... I had to buy a gp3 that sounds good but I changed my mind by retesting the 570 with the VHT, more depth, humor and precision, I plan to buy the trs fast!

EDIT: Small precision, with a qualo is better to calm the grain, if you want to listen what happens in rhythm with Poweramp ENGL, here is the SOUN my group: