ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp
ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp

E570 Special Edition Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from ENGL.

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Doub 08/27/2005

ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp : Doub's user review


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Pramp lamp (ECC83/12AX7) to 19 ". It possde 4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead I, Lead II. We can activate a" modern / classic "for finding new sound more old school (vintage).
There are 2 equalizer (Chanel 1: clean / crunch, and Chanel 2: I lead / lead II), possde rglage a treble for each channel (or 4 rglages)
ADOPTION any kind, such as: Mid Contour and Edge for the chanel 2 (lead I / Lead II) and Bright and Ultra Bright for a chanel (clean / crunch).
It also possde Mega Lo Punch, which adds a lot of potatoes in the (applicable all channels).
A noise gate is Intgr pramp with this.
An effects loop switchable
The all can be activated via MIDI.
Volume adjustable for each channel and a master gnral.


The setup is really simple trs, no need to read the entire manual (which is clear, but it could have done in French). The fact that it is MIDI, pramp really makes this easy to use trs. It RULES all these options, and recorded just the preset you chose.

REMINDER: Only options, such as, "Hi Gain", "Mid Edge", "modern / classic," "FX loop". are paramtrables with MIDI, CSTA that the gain, volume and can be lgaliseur paramtrable via MIDI.


The sound is all simply TERRIBLE. We arrive trs well find its sound. Lgaliseur Ragit really well. In clear sound in heavy saturation, my bleuff. With the way classic / modern was already 8 with the same diffrent rglages (EQ and gain), and adding the "Hi Gain" (on chanel 2 and "gain boost" on the one chanel ) we get 2 times more choice. In short, one can have his 16 DIFFERENT rglages with identical (EQ and gain).
It's a really prampli trs versatile, the lens is clear and the distortion is perfect for all kinds of mtal (death, no ......).


I possde this monster for over a week now, and it really is a KILL. Savage javais a 120 before, but it's true that I sought, it is more versatile than its confrre, but keeps the same grain (which made me love this brand). I do not find him to point ngatif Linster.
VHT 2/90/2 Jattends now my order to fully test this monster. And next year I will add a little G-force.

I do not regret my purchase and do it again without any hsitation.

[edit]: With the VHT, it is simply monstrous pramp, we get the big big sound.
Which is very well to play at home, cest button-10dB of larrire pramp. This button acts on the output level of the signal and down 10 dB. This allows you to play at home riding a little more volume Lampl power. In addition, the VHT possde also a button 10 dB output, and La Cesta trs good. This does not even gnre of breath (compared with & without the buttons down -10 dB). Pramp The bottom and the power amp noon without boulkiess.

I am totally satisfied and I greatly board.