Lâg TL1 Spitfire
Lâg TL1 Spitfire

TL1 Spitfire, Tube Guitar Preamp from Lâg in the SpitFire series.

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Greig 04/13/2005

Lâg TL1 Spitfire : Greig's user review


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It is a tube preamp (12AX7 x 2) for electric guitars, everything is simple .. A clear channel, a channel saturated
19 ".
Front: 1 input jack, volume and tone for the clean channel, gain, Bass, Treble, volume for the full, masts for all
Rear: 1 Line output, 1 output recording (with simulation of HP), a headphone jack, a footswitch input.

I put 6 becaufe ca not many settings anyway ...


See above - was an analog preamp, the branch, turn knobs, it sounds ...

Even a cow can use ... I have nothing against cows, but I have rarely seen playing the guitar


The clean channel is what is more transparent, very right, impossible to do cruncher ...

The channel is more saturated color it with a gain level very gradually, noting that the gain is not extraordinarily high, the result is excellent with humbuckers, less violent with simple ... It's a light, sweet as expected with lamps, I tried it with a Twin, it sounds really terrible.

I put 8 becaufe more gain would not be a bad and with a max gain, even when it blows a lot ...


I use it for 10 years, it has stolen me one, I bought one ...
I bought a PSA1 recement then I lay back into my rack before an EL84 20/20 and a 2x12 cabinet

my setup when I used:
DNG guitar, microphone or Gibson SG ---> send GX-700>>> Lag>>> return Gx-700>>>> Fender Twin or Section power amps available and I was ...

Correction, I always use, but config home studio (big word for what I do) Now: I use the channel clear of pédlaes branca "classic front", the recording output is quite impressive actually, I find it even better than my Sansamp ...

I recently replaced my Sansamp rack in this machine. mùanque of the adjustable bother me a bit, especially for the clean channel, which is very sharp ... but hey, it was hot like lamps .....

really a very nice little preamp