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gorguts 01/13/2004

Peavey TubeFex : gorguts's user review


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Pramp 2 12AX7 tubes, Midi, 7 simultaneous effects, 30 effects, RAM card for more presets, tuner, 1U, effect loop, XLR Direct in / output, output 2 4 or 8 mono or so 8 April 16 in stereo.


Easily obtained good sound, good sound factory manual clear enough, gripe about the sound banks between ABC and UFC tree is moderately clear, but after a few hours it includes tampering.


It should quite my style of music! Big sound ... I play Death, mid agreement, with a micro EMG 81 85 LAG, a powerful amp and a Peavy 5050 Marshall 1960AV speaker. Sounds! It may sound impresionante out! Many low, the equalization react like clockwork, I think we can really find his sound.


Well I have several months I DCID uant my preamp, hard choice especially since some products are hard to try as best-selling! I wanted a 2 in 1 qs a budget so I hesitated with the OnCurrent of Tubefex, the Rocktron Voodu valve, cooler with a single lamp and a rocktron a very typical best noise gate ... short of serious even when! It's been four days that I have and for now I regret nothing! especially for the price (500 euros OCCAZ), the effects are correct, saturated fat, versatile in the crunch, noise gate correct. Not short enough known that little preamp! it is the dtour! I would do this choice! but hey wait a bit before saying that any estbien qd mm