Soldano X-99 MIDI Motorized Preamp
Soldano X-99 MIDI Motorized Preamp

X-99 MIDI Motorized Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Soldano.

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cedrik_tt 05/18/2004

Soldano X-99 MIDI Motorized Preamp : cedrik_tt's user review


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Prampli noon rack units 2 - 5 12AX7 -
There's just one between the instrument and an outlet at the rear + 3 MIDI (in - out - through)
The sound is that of the SLO 100 head. There are 3 channels (clean, crunch, lead).
The most impressive remains potentiometers motoriss that moves in a split second when changing patches.
It accepts channels MIDI (1 16) and also works in omni mode.
Control all changes are possible via a pdalier noon (move the knobs in real time, enable and disable the bright ,...)
AIM I have an effects loop ...


5 knobs: gain, bass, middle, treble, bright output + one. It's super simple: the con RULES like a normal amp and hop on the record pRSET noon.
The manual explains all the intricacies of prampli. It is about twenty pages.


This is the best prampli I know. There are all sound: clear sounds vintage or modern, the crunch from the more bluesy sound to the AC-DC, and sounds fantastic leads. A grain incomparable, always copied never gal. This is the sound.
The prampli fully respects the sound of your guitar. I play a Tom Anderson Drop Top, a Fender strato US Standard and a Gibson Les Paul and X99 fully respects the personality of these three guitars.


I have this prampli for 6 months and I would never want me spare. I jou Mesa Triaxis lamps but the grain is not as respected.
The price is certainly trs lev: + / - 5000 euros but think that with such a beast you will never need anything else in your rack To create the sound!