Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O.
Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O.

SuperCharger G.T.O., Tube Guitar Preamp from Soldano.

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aliascross 08/13/2006

Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O. : aliascross's user review


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PDAL saturation lamps.
The lamps are the original JJ Tesla ECC83 S (there are 2)
The pedals are large enough (length: 27cm, width 17cm, height 10cm with buffers)
Manufacturing and components are of good quality trs. It's solid!

Between 1 and 1 output
A switch ON / OFF
Direct supply of 220V with fuse. Good point!
Conform EC.

No, really it all! 10/10.


No need for manual ...
We quickly made the rounds of rglages. The PDAL is a bit cumbersome I got. The buttons are not a lgance extreme, but they are clean and breathe the srieux ...

The pedals are not made to replace a prampli ... in the sense that the chanage: Guitar -> GTO -> power amp -> speakers, is not the most flattering.
The pedals performs well with a chanage: Guitar -> GTO -> preamp -> power amp -> speakers.
Without prampli, the sound is not really usable ... the diffrence between the two correspond obtained using an exit Recording plutt a MAIN output TriAxis an example ... the sound is not "natural", it is starved of tufts and prsence ...

But all APRS! PDAL is one! So for pedals: 10/10!


The rglage seems to be the most efficient gain and volume.
SETTING THE TONE The does not propose radical change ... a little above the feeble ...
The PDAL has less gain than channel 3 of CAA 3 + SE, or the red lead of a TriAxis.

We find the nice grain Soldano. It would be a well liked SETTING THE mdium and bass as well ... could provide greater diversity of sound. Soldano chosen to provide a basic quality quilisation course, but rather fixed. Nevertheless, the use or supported in rhythmic crunch or lead to rvelle well made. Likewise, if I personally prfre the grain of the MAXON ROD881.


Most <ul> The quality components and manufacturing
A report qualitprix acceptable (about 500 AudioTubeTech) </ul>
The - <ul> A SETTING THE mdiums low and could have more room ... </ul>
I will not go that choice, because my preferences is the MAXON ROD881, which is two times less expensive, more possibilities and especially a grain that suits me better.

Go! 7 even when everything else!