Numark PRO TT1
Numark PRO TT1

PRO TT1, Turntable from Numark in the Pro TT series.

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mooseherman 10/25/2010

Numark PRO TT1 : mooseherman's user review

« Pretty awesome table »

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This is a high-quality turntable from NuMark. This table is suited for professional DJs but I would recommend it to people just getting in to DJing for real. The table has fantastic features on it. Standard features that it has include an S-Shaped arm with a counterweight and anti-skate adjustment as well as a lift lever and holder (which is pretty standard by now.) The player has three speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78). More advanced features (and thus the draw of this product) are the 10 percent pitch adjustment (plus or minus), the LCD screen, the pop-up stylus target light (very useful in dark environments where precision is mandatory). There's also the ability of playing records forward and in reverse, which can be really cool (and is great fun for debunking the myth of "hidden messages" in records, and it can be done without destroying the vinyl!).
I've never had a problem with my table, it works fine for me even if there are all kinds of people walking around it, jumping, doing whatever. I like all the features on it. It's certainly not the highest-caliber turntable out there, but it's also not that expensive. Therefore, I think it's a good deal and worth the attention of most. Unless you are in high demand as a DJ, you don't need to get a table much better than this.