Numark TT200
Numark TT200

TT200, Turntable from Numark in the TT series.

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WuTangSht 12/15/2010

Numark TT200 : WuTangSht's user review

« Excellent Turntable »

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This turntable is one of the best around. TT200 is an old one, but better than the newer Numarrk TTUSBs out there. It has great sound quality and has one of the best needles out there. The best thing about it is its easy use. I learned how to use the TT200 in about 2 hours and it was a great expirience. I got the this turnable at $25 dollars from a friend but the price ranges at around $100 which is a great price for a great quality turntable. It's a heavy machine in comparison with the new turntables but that just proves how sophisticated it is. It includes a Quartz button to change the speed and pitch of the turntable's RPM, it also has a button for it to play at 33 RPM or at 45 RPM and obviously a start/stop button. This was my first turntable and I would definetly buy it. The only downs it has were maybe the wiring that had to be done for the grounding but anyways, this is necessary with every turntable from back in the day. You would probably think that old turntables are worse than the new ones, but in fact, the old ones are the best because of their internal machinery and they're sound quality. Producers and DJs from around the world use old turntables more than the new ones for this reason. You should defenitely buy a set of this turntable because of its great sound quality, working machinery and price. You should go out and buy it on online stores for a great price and spend time on it because it's a great expirience for any beggining DJ out there or producer. I use this turntable often and it hasn't broken nor deteriorized. It's a great turntable you should save up for and enjoy.

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