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Kik the hypez 10/09/2004

Numark TT500 : Kik the hypez's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I for 1 month or so, I have a lot gaggle.
So in terms of technical specifications
5kg of torque
reading 33, 45, 78 (well, except that the cells - type O or CC DJ M44-7 - are no longer suitable for reading 78)
Pitch + / -10 - + / -25 + / -50
S arm and right arm interchangeable (revolutionary)
Blocking Quartz
Speed ​​Adjustable Start & Stop (a little gadget, but can be useful)
Function reverse (a little gadget, but can be useful)
No cell provided
Internal power supply (good)
RCA connectors with angled cables provided (good)
Connecting power supply and RCA in the deck (quite handy if the deck is in flight, otherwise galley)

What I like with this unit is interchangeable arms, which makes it suitable for use scratch or mix depending on the arm used. The right arm is very very stable compared to the S arm for use scratch. While the arm S is really convenient to see the groove when you mix.
I like the pitch, it reacts very well and good sliding potentiometer, while offering good resistance calculated.
The engine is very efficient, however the set is quite impressive, it is very heavy and melted into the mass.

on the other hand I like less the abandonment of the stroboscope, although the "target light" replaces it, it's been a void in the beginning.
Adjusting the weight of the arm is quite complex, because for no reason, and many times my arm was resting on little piece of lz cahoutchouc that can lift his arm playing.
After depending on its use reverse type functions, start / stop adjustable are particularly unnecessary for me these features seem interesting but I do not see how to use it ...
The design we like or not like o, but in my opinion it lacks color, the finish is very nice anyway.

I had previously XL500II Gemini, so the transition from one to another has been very beneficial! Especially in terms of torque.
I mixed on MK2 and touching for the first time the TT500, I was reminded of the MK2. However I think that the TT500 is a little higher than the MK2, I could confirm my statements when I have the opportunity to touch a MK2.

The value for money is excellent, bought € 355 one at Sono Shop at Pigalle, I think we can hardly do better for so little!
Coupled with CC DJ S Arm S for mix - and M44-7 on the right arm to scratch is a fairly effective weapon, and a great source of pleasure.

I put 9 / 10 because perfection is not of this world.