Technics SL-1210 MK2
Technics SL-1210 MK2

SL-1210 MK2, Turntable from Technics.

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BorisLN 01/05/2005

Technics SL-1210 MK2 : BorisLN's user review


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I put the maximum score for this board because I consider it (as most users of this fabulous machine) as the most legendary unreleased turntables. This board is a monster in terms of opportunities, longevity, and a universal standard. It dates from 80 years' and was available in several models with options and minor improvements more or less interesting. The life of a copy of at least ten to twenty years. Given the prices, the depreciation is much more important than another platinum. Cepandant maintenance of this plate is not redundant, as with any material, and it is worth noting that some components more or less important as the lamp illuminating the grooves of vinyl, or the pitch (arg!) age more or less depending on the care and frequency of use of the material. It is also true that this wear does not occur on other material, because no only works long enough for the effect of wear is really as significant =). As for the technical data, the couple parrait small, but it should not be relied upon. Indeed, the plateau reached its normal speed in 1 / 4 of a second, and stops almost as fast (magnetic brakes). As for the slowdown or even stop the board (eg at scratch;), he resumed his speed as quickly.

The arm is an arm S, because the deck is a cause dedicated to the audiophile (search for a sound of the highest quality). The different settings are the height of the arm, antiskating (a classic =), and weight. It is of course possible to change many other settings, but this requires removing the plate.

Here, with respect my opinion, strictly speaking,

<ul> I use these plates for almost 6 months, and I confess to have found nothing particularly distasteful or unsatisfactory. (Except the button 'Power' that can be placed on 'Power off' during a session of scratch (detail, however small but fixed on new versions), and Picht become less accurate after several years (I have not used those in my possession), so that clicking the pitch is no longer just at the end of several years. (but as is so aptly noted Ludovic.gesse, this is part of the interview at the same As the cleaning, or that the change of the lamp))

I have not tried many other models, but I've never seen anything comparable to this material. (The Vestax PDX2000 are parrait he material of a comparable level.)

As for value for money, it's good, but could be more.

With the experience I would do this choice, and it happen to me probably having to do it again. (A hard life over 20 years ... And I hope =)
For several reasons:

<ul> The resale of such equipment does not cause virtually no loss in financial terms.
In all the places I will be asked to mix, I might require to have this material.
Buy something that lasts much cheaper in the long term buying cheaper items that do not last long enough (so unless the purchase is due to a 'whim', it is better to buy an equipment of this quality)
This is certainly the best deck that I have ever try. (Of course, his little sisters are better, and if you can afford, I would recommend them)


Voila. It's all good I think. =)