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  • Gemini DJ XL-DD50

    Gemini DJ XL-DD50 - djcharlis's review


    This is a two years I have been, the more I like CHARACTERISTICS: Pitch-specific -Direct drive No problem in two-years of use Simple and fun- What I like least: Alas, there is nothing I do not like about this product Would you make th…

  • JB Systems T 2

    JB Systems T 2 - vinccc02's review


    I find it excellent for this plate electro mix! Nikel quality prices. Prcis Pitch + / -10% …

  • Gemini DJ TT 02

    Gemini DJ TT 02 - troutrou26's review


    Purchased in December 2005, to discover the mix with vinyl, I do use them, they are with me at night in emergency. They are made for beginners no more. …

  • Numark TTX-01 AT

    Numark TTX-01 AT - Seebaf's review


    I use AT 2 TTX for 2 years now. The plates are superb, they have the couple, great sound, you can get the signal line or phono. The torque is adjustable, it Paut change in wind speed and braking it There's a reverse function! What more could a turnta…

  • Vestax PDX-D3

    Vestax PDX-D3 - dj bibifuck's review


    How long have you use it? 1 year of use What is so special that you like most and least? favorite features: couple, set up (need tps adaptation), turn in 78, the digital pitch c most accurate ever tried (stanton, technics, numark) the least:…

  • Technics SL-1210 MK2

    Technics SL-1210 MK2 - damonedash's review


    Quite agree with all my fellow DJ's still the reference. I have now for a year and not worry. I had it before TTX was good, but unfortunately they both farted. I do not know what happened last short I did not try to understand I bought a Technics tur…

  • Numark TTX

    Numark TTX - djjoe-italia's review


    Hi all I have 2 numark ttx Posed mnt since 1 year and I am sorry to anounce ke n I have not a single seed with u (I speak for biensur coconut ki ki ... ttx critics in general are the techincs purist) ... I mix in a club and I took my plate tt the w…

  • Numark PT01

    Numark PT01 - shadracks's review


    I admit I was influenced by the opinion of Gum chatting to purchase this plate. Otherwise I say more ... - How long have you use it? 15 days - What is so special that you like most and least? The best: compact, simple, its not too bad, pow…

  • Gemini DJ PDT-6000

    Gemini DJ PDT-6000 - DJ Rach's review


    This will be a year I use it I have not had a single problem with the plates, the report price is Calita nikel otherwise I will not hesitate to repeat what she Chois agree very well …

  • Numark TTUSB

    Numark TTUSB - polomoipolo's review


    Hello in fact jai davis but not a question: USB port, is used to move the music? eskon and may just pass them, or there effects? eskeu we can control the music with vinyl? thank you for answer …

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