Vestax PDX-2000 MK II
Vestax PDX-2000 MK II
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johnrae 06/21/2012

Vestax PDX-2000 MK II : johnrae's user review

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The Vestax PDX-2000 MKII Pro is a high quality, and well built direct drive turntable. It features an improved tonearm height adjustment system, bright stylus light, and featuring the Anti Skipping Tonearm System (ASTS) technology, which makes the tonearm almost unskippable partially due to its straight tonearm, instead of the S-shaped tonearm found on other models. It has a great feel to it, the platter has a good resistance for things like scratching and beatmatching. These are GREAT turntables for Vinyl control in DJ programs, as they give a great feel and plenty of responsiveness. The tonearm gives a good sound and is well built. The tables are made of thick, durable plastic, but aren't to heavy. I've had no problem with the tables sliding around while I use them. The tonearm also has a special spring resistance system that makes for minimal wear on records.The direct-drive DC motor is stabilized by a high speed 32-bit CPU that increases the reaction time up to 1/100 seconds and a stabilized-torque, ultra-pitch slider along with a fine-pitch slider provides easy, accurate beat-matching and mixing. The light on the cartridge makes the vinyl grooves easy to see in dark places. These are getting harder to come by, and I got a GREAT deal on these at a garage sale for 400 bucks for a pair! I would pay 400 bucks apiece for theses used. These are really awesome turntables and have the perfect response time for all kinds of applications. I would definitely take these to a gig and perform with them. They also make GREAT backup tables if you are maybe playing a gig where you suspect things might get crazy and someone might throw beer on your decks, or if you were doing something like a high school dance and didn't want to break out the super nice shiny decks. These are a little ugly, but makeup in quality. I would HIGHLY recommend these to a Intermediate DJ who doesn't have a big budget, as they are older, but GREAT models.