Vestax PDX-2000
Vestax PDX-2000

PDX-2000, Turntable from Vestax in the PDX series.

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DJAntho-Logyc 09/30/2012

Vestax PDX-2000 : DJAntho-Logyc's user review

«  Really breathtaking! »

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-I use it for 7 months (bought used)

-I tried several decks that do not apply
-Mc Crypt (low-end belt)
BST-belt too (not bad malgrais all)
-2 Synq there XTRM1 Rolls of the 21st century Technics comparable in all respects

The +:
-I literally fell in love with this deck with a lightweight top (best times and stop) it starts much faster than other and like to stop
-Pitch + / -10 is super reliable and UltraPitch the same, I synchronize the sound but not the torque on hand, enough to become a god mix if you know it well

The - (because there are):
- After 2 or 3 months, she has problems (I would not want it), the grandma gives me a lot of problems, I probably have a problem of supply and moteud feverish at times, I burnt one diode one of my Synq by trying to get there and I am the best in the world platinum output after the new pdx 3000 mk2 I want to acquire

Value for money? that is, that here means it is perfect, I just make a few repairs

With experience, I would do this choice if I found one in the same state, even if it should cost me a PSU and purely personal choice of arm's son to be quiet and put a removable wire for travel if c ''s all good, it is more easy to remove in case of problem choice, I do not regret ooooohhhh ouuuuuiiiii!! I Note 9/10 because a power supply is normally done in life, but it cost him only 0.5 points away and I still only 0.5 for non-detachable power supply cord and no flight is a little annoying, can forgive months of the expression IF YOU FIND A TAKE WITHOUT THE ECLIPSE! It is not for nothing that the Q-BERT using at the time