Vestax PDX-2000
Vestax PDX-2000

PDX-2000, Turntable from Vestax in the PDX series.

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tgvvert 10/25/2006

Vestax PDX-2000 : tgvvert's user review


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I am totally delighted with this deck for over three years already! Indeed Vestax dissociated centering and drive the board to a precision off-standard, with plastic molded shell is hollow and filled with insulation to eliminate noise and rumbble. The right arm is carved from a block of aluminum poour an outstanding strength and harmony can play a vinyl with an inclination of the plate over 50 ° (It serves no purpose but to say that everything is done for the cell to grip the vinyl. The plate is connected to the mass of the mix console (which should be Class II) can not require a cable with earth connection so simple when the strip is well loaded! Light is an LED which means that an AC not heating and two ca crame do not (thank you Technics and bulbs out of a response prisx Service required!) Here if you want to have fun with a platinum-tolerant (due to the high torque) may you off the beaten track of Technics and try the PDX-2000, the only rival equal or even greater than the legend on all technical characteristics and acoustic! Vestax Viva!