Vestax QFO
Vestax QFO

QFO, Turntable from Vestax.

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aitd 04/15/2006

Vestax QFO : aitd's user review


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- How long have you use it?

About 3 months.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Maybe the price just lev a small round while 1000 could do, but right now there is the "QFO LE" for a (899).

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Product unique in the world then ... not.
But we Vestax prpare other products as innovative, I think especially in "Controller One" which is a turntable vestax (ie heart pdx) with the possibility to change the pitch, so the Tone up two octaves or by hand (yep) but especially in the feet, thanks to a pedal (Whaouu)!
What's résumé as follows: Rhythmic to cross, the filing notes and vinyl feet!

- How do you report qualitprix?

It is expensive, but what a joy to mix each dplacements. me playing in a band and silent force to move two tons of gear and every time I farcire the wiring as well as a place to do this in a corner of a table always has good height, the problem rgler is: the QFO in a fly in my right hand and 05 with a cdx ttm1 and all the cables in a backpack and hop on the spot over a chair just might do the trick!
it is not life grand!

- With the exprience, you do again this choice?

Without hsiter, this product is dstin to "scratch the monks" who can not pass it to mix more than a week (like me), it's simple and beautiful!
If you buy a fly, I suggest you view the shape of the QFO, there is necessarily a place in the fly, lost on the corners, to serve a small extension cord, an mp3 player and at least some breakbeat superposed on the set of bte!

I like ...

Lol against by careful, given the proximity of the cross and set the scratch s'avre easier and more natural on the "QFO", causing a sensation a little strange to beginners, when returns a classic configuration!