chguigoz59 10/29/2008

Eminence ASD:1001 : chguigoz59's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought them to mount with a beta 15.
The choice was motivated t very advantageous for their price (29euro), the holding
power and high performance of 105 db.Par also eminence is
rpute brand quality at good value prices.
This engine has two terminals stuck-son, so do not lean.
I use a regular plastic rectangular flag.


And yes, it's a very good product if it is used.
Indeed, eminence is not an ace of Linares.
The tweeter has a curve ranging from more than 8 dB between 2500 (the cutoff frquence recommends) and 10000 Hz.
So I Designed a filter with a quasi-inverse curve over this range in order to flatten the answers and works great!
Senior medium rather are very clear and full of presence, the treble and punchy Retailer all without an ounce of aggressiveness (used on a amp QSC RMX). However, it lacks a bit of high harmonics in the treble but nothing mchant. (IDAL, should take over with a super tweeter to the 10000 kHz).
In addition, the yield is as lev ncessaire attnuer them and so they take much power.


Used recently but essays with full satisfaction in a large room and a garage in proximity to rpter with an orchestra.
This is great is its quality price ratio. It is much better than linear but less apt, therefore, requires a matching filter and not bought any fact in trade.
I would do the same top choice for the medium rather fi!