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Beltona The Blue Uke #1 Concert
Beltona The Blue Uke #1 Concert
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natujoh natujoh

«  The best quality / price resonator »

Publié le 02/06/11 à 15:38
Value For Money : Excellent
The ukuleles Beltona as Beltona all instruments are made in New Zealand and in particular Steve Evans.

It's a ukulele resonator whose shape mirrors the early National resonator ukuleles.

The originality of Belton is that the body is made of fiberglass, making it a lightweight instrument. All colors are possible.

Blue Uke # 1 presents a concert pitch size, 19-button boxes and handle body junction box to 12 (slightly offset, say 12.5). The neck is mahogany and rosewood fingerboard.

The tuners are Grovers and take very good agreement.


The grip is amazing.
By its lightness, for the comfort of the handle .... etc. Everything is done to keep you well with this instrument.

As for sound, if we agree with the fact that it is a resonator uke and he does not get you out the sound of a Martin before the war, it is very good :
It is possible to have a very strong showing if the strings are hit (I think this is one of ukes who can play louder without amplification), but it is also possible to have a very clear and very separate if the uke is played in arpeggio example.

The response of the cone is very dynamic and forward well the intensity of the attack.

Compared to the resonator ukes entry level (I had a johnson) is a thousand times better for three times more expensive.
Compared to a National (I had a mahogany wood body) is different (neither better nor worse) but for half the price.

It's a ukulele to play and have fun playing. This is not a "beautiful object" as may be a National, but it's a real musical instrument for musicians (which I do not pretend to be).


Just watch the videos on Youtube that can travel to see the Beltona fits all styles of music played with a uke. He will not be restricted to bluegrass, for example, but may do so on an old American standard or a Hawaiian song.

A note on mine anyway, a total lack of buzz unlike what I heard on reso ukes other brands. Okay it depends on the setting ... but still! I had problems easily adjustable buzz on ukes more "big names".


I have been using about four months ago but I had a National for two years (which I regret to separate non-musical reasons) and Johnson (whom I parted with joy for musical reasons).

I like its light weight and excellent sound, I have not yet found a negative point but I guess the fact that fiberglass does not like shocks. I will not try for you!

Let's be frank, this instrument is expensive (between 900 and 1000 euros in the French dealers).
It will cost a bit cheaper if you order it directly to Steve Evans, but with shipping and customs, the economy is not so huge. In addition you can not try it. The nice thing is that if you order from the manufacturer, you may customize the color.

However, even expensive, for a resonator ukulele that remains in my opinion the best value possible. The National are much more expensive in terms of sound and playability are not much more.

With experience, I would do what choice to make music. Otherwise, the beauty of the object and the pleasure of the eyes (and ears, anyway), I choose National.

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