RISA Musical Instruments Ukulélé Soprano
RISA Musical Instruments Ukulélé Soprano

Ukulélé Soprano, Ukulele from RISA Musical Instruments.

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Gordon Shumway 08/04/2005

RISA Musical Instruments Ukulélé Soprano : Gordon Shumway's user review


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- Made (in theory) in Germany, there might be only assembled
- 12 boxes, nylon strings, soprano uke tuning (GCEA)
- Mahogany body, satin finish
- Round Round (see the template, it is more pleasant), rosewood fingerboard

Some appear to have had problems with coming off the bridge ... For my part, no problem there. I could then decrease slightly the note, "in case", but given the configuration of such an acoustic instrument, and its inherent simplicity, this uke is impeccable and deserves his 10.

I also note that the finish is impeccable: binding around the body, through the hole in the body, the frets are sweet ... No bad taste or default.


The handle is a little round, but it is an incomparable way of playing guitar and is very fun to play, hold well in hand. Not easy to access beyond the 8/9ème box, but it's a ukulele, and solos ties have not the basis of the music you play it ... Make no mistake, you can play almost any instrument of this kind: but you will see quickly that your game is changing by itself, and the rhythm premium.

I want to quibble, and criticizes the lack of strap, but it is probably due to my past as a guitarist: traditional Hawaiian look at the pictures or album art of tiki and you will see that the instrument is "stuck" in the forearm. It is a blow to take, but it's coming soon, and given the low weight of the instrument, if it slips a little, he began a slight rotation of the left wrist.

At the sound is impeccable. Still keep in mind that this was (it is no longer manufactured) of a entry level model, although it is very good and deserved to be more expensive.


As mentioned above, we can all play ...

... It's just that the play differently.

It's a ukulele, so its a rather special: nylon strings and small size. Some chord progressions go wrong, but it requires thinking and get to variants of agreement is not bad.


I use it for a little over a year now, I had purchased a crush (65 €, on advice from the pros), and I looove!

It's very fun to play, we must relearn the agreements (not quite, if you are guitarists, but I'll let you discover the trick), but given that there are only four strings, low risk tangle of fingers ... I could not try other models, because unfortunately, in the province, it is not a common instrument, that's why I asked for advice before taking (very) good (to return to the status of "entry level", um), a low price ... And I've taken the plunge.

This model is great, and I think I will not find better without spending at least twice. Unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured, but if I lost my uke, I repeat not a problem.

I fell in love with this instrument ...