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Universal Audio UAD Updated To v5.3

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Universal Audio has announced the release of UAD Software v5.3 for the UAD platform.

Changes in v5.3:

  • All Platforms:
    o New plug-in: UAD 4K Channel Strip.
    o New plug-in: UAD 4K Buss Compressor.
    o New plug-in: UAD Cooper Time Cube Mk II (UAD-2 only).
    o Extra presets are included in installation.
    o Enhanced dialogs when loading authorizations.
    o (UAD Meter) Added key command for "Always On Top" mode.
    o (UAD Meter) Card disable button updates after scrolling in System Information tab.
    o (UAD Meter) Use Host Mode setting works properly in Cubase 4/Nuendo 4.
  • RTAS:
    o UAD buffer automatically configures to match audio hardware I/O setting.
    o Mono instances generally use less DSP.
    o Factory presets available in RTAS format.
    o (Mac) Fixed plug-in UI drawing issues under Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.
  • UAD-2:
    o New firmware improves overall performance and stability.
    o RE-201 now sonically matches UAD-1 version.
    o Fixed "DSP Load Limit" error with multiple Cambridge EQ instantiations.
    o Fixed Precision EQ "DSP Limit Expired" error when DSP Load Lock is disabled.
    o Fixed intermittent audio corruption and system spiking with Precision De-Esser.
  • Windows: Plug-in subfolders are created when UAD presets saved with UAD Toolbar.
  • Macintosh: Authorization files can be dragged onto UAD Meter window.
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