Akai Professional EIE I/O
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jtheb 07/20/2012

Akai Professional EIE I/O : jtheb's user review

«  Good gadget »

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The features are probably what is most interesting in the AKAI EIA.
4 XLR preamp / jack, 4 outputs, a headphone output, two VU meters (a little superfluous gadget but hey ..)
Very nice (red for standard version)


The ASIO4ALL driver, well I had no problems with before, so I have not encountered any more problems.
Big plus point: No lag!


Simple configuration (this is to select the appropriate sound card in ASIO driver, and then run the desired software)

This is a very sound card gadget. For example, the meters are not used much due to their vagueness / sensitivity.

The sound quality and the quality of the preamps is pretty good value. on the other hand, it is certain that it does not hold in the face of his cards twice as expensive.

The only major problem with this soundcard is that the tone is very low. I often have to normalize my tracks, even if I configure everything so that the sound is correct volume.


I've had two weeks. I would say that this sound card provides many opportunities for the price (gadget, look, functionality). There is no latency, and the sound quality is good.
on the other hand, if you need two inputs and less, I would recommend perhaps another sound card, because the problem of low signal noise is very disturbing.