Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000
Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000
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manson.reznor 07/08/2005

Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000 : manson.reznor's user review


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The possibilities of this interface is USB 2 standard!

2 XLR MIC 48v power supply - between a stro - between a high impdance guitar - two headphone outputs indpendantes - 8 line outputs - Stereo Monitor Output 1 - 1 between an optical output numriques ADAT / SMUX - 1 of 1 numique coax output - All Dolby Digital and DTS compatible both with the numrique 8 analog outputs.
1 MIDI IN - OUT 1 - 1 OUT THROUGH configurable 2.

In addition, there is a limiter and a noise gate HARDWARE!


Having installed on a PC-based AMD Barton 3200 + with a motherboard ASUS A7V600 (VIA KT600 chipset) USB 2, I had no problem with drivers available recently.
Everything works perfectly with this configuration.

As against the manual is not comprehensive enough Franais (bad habit Behringer).
But After all, the BCA 2000 is really easy to use and intuitive trs


The 2.0 drivers are stable, no worries - Installation of RAS ct so ...
ASIO no problem in recording or playback, and whatever the frquence or RESOLUTION.
Also no problem in WDM dsormais with the driver

4ms latency possible if project not too busy ...
However, I find that the 2000 BCA uses more CPU resources than a Creative Audigy or EMU 1820.
But the cart is quite low ...

So I put 8 / 10 for the CPU


I just buy OCCAZ a week ago and I am fully satisfied.
It's almost unbelievable to have an audio interface if complte for this award.

The sound quality is excellent, as is the finish and simplicity of use.
However, my BCA in 2000 a default prampli A (breath, almost no sound, grsillement). This appears to be a common problem on Premire sries.
So I contact Behringer aussitt who handled my request. Barely 48 hours have APRS contact customer support, Behringer me that the card will be supported by UPS my home and it cost them (go / back to Germany)!
Maximum of the change 10 days!
Finally tech support seems to seriousness, which is increasingly rare.
I am totally satisfied with the performance of this card and srieux shown by Behringer.
Only I'm not going to 10/10 but 9 / 10 only because right now the BCA2000 with the current driver requires more resources than normal. Dj Driver 2.0 reduces the CPU load compared to older drivers. There is no longer that expected to declare it the perfect card ...

Buying an emergency if your config accepts no problem ...