Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000
Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000
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Supa.Oz 03/31/2005

Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000 : Supa.Oz's user review


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<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>What technical specifications motivated your choice?</span>

all of my offers technical sduit. all this for so little money is allchant!

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Citation: <span>Section dentre high-performance analog amplifier with two microphone invisible pr IMP studio quality, food fantme +48 V line to over guitar Hi-Z
Configuration dentre / output ultra versatile WITH LED illuminated switches and routing
Between analog SETTING THE dynamics (noise gate + limiter) Vitantis visiting any distortion in the dentre advantages and A / D conversion
USB / MIDI complte with 1 / 2 out MIDI selectable individually for 16/32 MIDI channels
Numriques many formats as input and output: ADAT, ADAT S / MUX, AES / EBU and S / PDIF compatibility with Dolby Digital and DTS
Simultaneous use of 3 analog inputs (1 mono + 1 Stereo), sources of digital and playback of multi-channel 24-bit 96 kHz
Display high-resolution LED level of 2 x 12 lments for input / output Stereo LED level meter more than 2 lments for channels I / O 3 8
USB 2.0 hight flow supports 8 inputs and 8 outputs simultaneously (analog and numrique) in 24-bit 96 kHz ASIO 2 and WDM Reduces latency
Master and Monitor Sections compltes with 100-mm faders, individual level CONTRL 2 cabinets and 2 headphones, based on direct monitoring and control spares Dim, Mute and Mono</span>

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>For what purpose?</span>

Record voice, guitar, instrumental, sax; home studio ...

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>What is your config?</span>

Athlon XP 2000 +
Leadtek k7
2 Disc 80GB
512 sdram
Xp home edition

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) do you use the connection and how?</span>

I use a Fender guitar, a Sony MD for recording various editing, via the optical output.
Using an electret microphone, and two dynamic.

I refer to the output of an input line SBLive, sent back to the SBLive on the amp. (This because the problem bca possde few non rsolue by the latest drivers. "Signal loss wdm audio." And I have an alternative: my SBLive used in place of bca in some cases)


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>The installation is done it without problem?</span>

Apart from the cd provided with the purchase is not days, so installation is fairly simple.
see forum for installing the latest beta drivers from the behringer site.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Did you encounter any incompatibilities?</span>

Premire has seen, no obvious incompatibility between different hardware is in my case.

nanmoins, some users have had some problem with their motherboard with regard to the usb.
bca runs in the USB2, it can work with USB 1 but in this case, it will brid.

For my part about USB, it can be seen as hardware incompatibility, but I would lean more to a problem of stability of the driver, in short, when in doubt I add this line:
The BCA&#39;s hard to share the USB with a variety of hardware running in USB too.
launch a printer via a USB printer for the cost of a album cause you to lose the audio carrier ... For my part it is certainly the case, but this I am going in the driver, thinking that the problem is that most of the ct ct as the hardware.
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>gnrale configuration is easy?</span>

to configure the BCA, we have a panel CONTRL a little feeble, but I find nanmoins complete.
choice of output format numrique AES / EBU S / PDIF ADAT, latency management, noon, monitoring ....

the rest is right on the ACB.
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>The manual is clear and sufficient? ...</span>

The big point of this part ngatif: The doc!

I wonder if this documentation would not be your exact an internal competition in behringer, namely:

Make the most compltes documentation with the minimum of words!
14 pages in all and for all, and I count the prcautions uses, examples of connections, advice etc ...
I thought it would just dvelopp the format supported by the BCA, to give some explanation, but not nothing.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>The key optical out can select the signal format of the optical output. you can choose "adat" (8-channel or 4 channel ADAT / SMUX) and "channel 2" (2 channels)</span>

Now for novices, beginners who do not know who these formats, and what you can do / expect: démerder YOU!

that&#39;s how I see the doc, trsdcevante!


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>The drivers are stable?</span>

The drivers are not DEFINITIONS, and therefore unstable. (Dpend configurations)

The bca gre perfectly asio, on the other hand if you want to do multi-channel I hear used by diverse audio source from your PC at the same time .. things this corse.

The Bca, gre hard WDM, and the current Behringer hours, do not prconise used the BCA in this mode.
Indeed, when I li mp3&#39;s (for example) in winamp that gre audio wdm in the audio carrier bca pert quite easily: launch of a print, and sound is cut.
it may be the management usb from my motherboard, but given the behringer rponses of this would come from drivers.
this is very dsagrable, especially if one intends to launch a record long enough and at the end there have only rcuprer 10% Bca because the audio will lach The beginning.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Are they often put day?</span>

yes, one of three dj cd version, the update site, and finally the beta version.
DEFINITIONS version is expected because lch a product on the market with rotten drivers ...

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>What software do you use most often?
What you get lag?</span>

Samplitude, guitar rig, winamp, wavelab, etc ...
11ms latency (inaudible)

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ...</span>

not test.

according behringer

in asio you can work with up to 8 channels at the same time and that in WDM Stereo (16 bit).
(The restrictions of the driver beta)


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>How long have you use it?</span>
2 months

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>What is the particular feature you like best and least?</span>

Ergonomics gnrale.
Led&#39;s a big plus trs trs useful.
between the guitar.
Direct Monitoring.
The loss of audio wdm.
Support remains too vague in its rponses.
The doc.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Have you tried many other models before acqurir?</span>

these Premire my purchase, so they are not.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>How do you report qualitprix?</span>

If Behringer, update the drivers and the problem disappears, then the ratio quality price is unbeatable.
Gnrale the quality of the product is good, the only problem RSID inhrent the driver / usb.
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>With the exprience, you do again this choice?</span>

Same thing for the quality price ratio:

A behringer to prove to me, coming out of good drivers, I made the right choice.