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[Musikmesse] Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 100

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Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100
News Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100

USB audio interface from Cakewalk belonging to the Sonar series

SONAR V-Studio 100 is designed to provide a music production studio that enables musicians to create, record, produce, and perform music – with or without a computer.

SONAR V-Studio 100 integrates a 24-bit/96kHz high-speed USB 2.0 audio interface, DAW controller, digital mixer, SD recorder, and VS Production Pack – a suite of instruments and effects for Mac OS X and Windows. For Windows customers just getting started with digital recording, SONAR V-Studio 100 includes the SONAR VS digital audio workstation.

SONAR V-Studio 100 Features

High speed USB 2.0 interface, featuring:
  • 8 in + mix / 6 out at 24-bit/96kHz quality.
  • 2 mic preamps w/phantom power, hi-z guitar input; MIDI I/O.
  • ASIO, WDM, WASAPI, Core Audio support.
  • Compatible with DAWs such as SONAR, Logic, Live, Cubase, and Digital Performer.

Universal DAW controller: Supports digital recording software for Mac and PC via Mackie control protocol, including Logic, Live, Cubase and Digital Performer. Additionally, V-Studio 100 provides extended control capabilities over SONAR through the implementation of Cakewalk’s Active Controller Technology (ACT). The controller features:
  • 100mm motorized, touch-sensitive fader.
  • 5 rotary encoders, 11 buttons and transport control.
  • Use with any DAW through Mackie Control protocol.
  • Advanced control of SONAR through Active Controller Technology.

Personal Digital Mixer: SONAR V-Studio 100 is described as “an ideal digital mixer for small groups, solo performers, DJs, MCs, and any electronic musician who needs to mix multiple sound sources.” All users can enhance their live sound with the pro-quality onboard effects that offer easy routing and accessibility.
  • Ideal for mixing small bands, solo musicians, DJs, home studios.
  • 8 inputs, 6 outputs (plus headphones).
  • 4 types of reverb and 6 channels of EQ and compression.

Mobile SD Recorder Live Player: SONAR V-Studio 100 provides digital recording that can be used without being connected to a computer. Record directly to SD-card to capture song ideas, rehearsals or live performances. Create backing tracks on your DAW of choice and transfer them to SD card for playback during live performance – even while recording. Likewise, recorded performances can be easily transferred from the VS-100's SD-card for additional editing.
  • Record away from your computer.
  • 2-channel wave recording and playback.
  • Capture rehearsals and live performances.
  • Play and record along to backing tracks.
  • Built-in metronome.
  • Insert markers during recording and playback.
  • Loop a region for practicing parts or jamming.
  • Easily transfer audio to and from any computer via USB.

VS-100 Production Pack (Win/Mac)
SONAR V-Studio 100 comes with a suite of software instruments and effects, including:
  • VX-64 Vocal Strip: a seven-stage processor for shaping and sculpting incredible sounding vocal tracks. Each of the VX-64's stages have been fine-tuned to be vocal-specific, taking the effort out of dialing in an entire chain of vocal processors. VX-64 features a new Cakewalk technology that employs phase-coherent, multi-band saturation to avoid unwanted distortion. It also has unique filtering to avoid harsh artifacts at extreme high and low frequencies as well as an auto-leveling circuit that prevents the tube saturation from sounding too harsh when high gain transients are processed. VX-64 also employs a new de-essing algorithm designed with Cakewalk’s LP64 linear phase effect filtering technology to remove sibilance without creating any frequency smearing.
  • Dimension LE: a streamlined version of the acclaimed Dimension Pro instrument from Cakewalk. Dimension LE features over 400 presets, ranging from bass, organ, and electric piano samples to cutting-edge synth sounds, rhythmic grooves, and even a special edition of Garritan Pocket Orchestra.
  • Rapture LE: a special version of the award winning Rapture wavetable synthesizer. It includes over 200 presets and hundreds of oscillator shapes. Rapture LE is perfect for performing the modern synthesized sounds that are igniting today’s pop, dance, and electronic music.
  • Cakewalk Studio Instruments: a collection of four virtual instruments that provide a fast and easy way to create backing tracks using a photo-realistic, interactive user interface. Instruments include a Drum Kit, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano and a String Section.
  • SONAR VS digital recording software (PC only): a special entry-level DAW based on the powerful SONAR 8 audio engine but offering a streamlined user interface.

SONAR V-Studio 100 will be available throughout the world beginning in June 2009. Local prices may vary, please check with your local Roland or EDIROL distributor, or SONAR V-Studio 100 retailer for more details.

For more information on SONAR V-Studio 100 please www.sonarvstudio.com.
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