Edirol UA-5
Edirol UA-5

UA-5, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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brunolui 06/06/2003

Edirol UA-5 : brunolui's user review


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Professional musician, I was looking for an affordable sound card, fully connected and supported by Mac OS 9 and OS X.
"I mainly records (90%) of acoustic instruments (guitar, accordion, bandonon, clarinet)
I work on a G4 867MHz bipro 726 MB DDR 260 GB (3disques) 2 screens
-In sound recording I use a table eurorack Berhinger 1604, RODE NT1 + 2 Beyer Dynamic Opus 83 950 + headphones Vivanco


OS-9 drivers no problem, no problemo OS X
-I have several test program like Logic Audio platinum4.8.1 (OS 9) peak (OS 9 and OSX) Digital Performer 3 (OS 9) cubase SX (os x) + some poet shareware and freeware OS X, not a only incompatibilitbr /> thank you edirol.Je prcise the 2nd generation osX drivers are very developed.
The manual-there is not (you understand me! But in mac there is no need, just remember to put the rear panel to position "adv" or nothing at all)


New-bone X drivers are stable, even a hot connection is possible (but not the software is open)
The 2nd-generation is largely better than the first
After multiple-test I work mostly on Cubase SX and acondition's insane to put a buffer means if it is too small there may drop or crack
I do not listen in rerecording, but I could listen at the same time I was recording there was no latency
I do not use that between analogue


I have used it for a year and a half first with Logic Audio Platinum 4.8.1 but as I was looking for software that was walking on OS X and Steinberg has competitive prices for teachers, I have cubase SX prices Dement is in audio,
and what a pleasure not a plant not stall
I was operating under a Audiowerk 8 (big poo full of shenanigans) but not the picture I hope to one da 2496 for osX drivers that will be released (same publisher but edirol sports area)