Edirol UA-5
Edirol UA-5

UA-5, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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-=z=- 02/11/2003

Edirol UA-5 : -=z=-'s user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
2 24/96 converters of good quality.
Trs good conection (XLR, jack, RCA, coaxial, optical)
Format external "real" knobs.
The USB can allow mobile use (take care, the UA-5 requires its own power supply!)
Low latency with no problem (except problem with VIA chipset)
Recording a mono track or stro possible.
Attention! No 96kHz in full duplex!


The manual is not great but by following the instructions on installing the UA-5 with no problem.
Note: big problem with cracking of VIA KT133 chipset. The only solution is t buy a simple USB port on PCI 30 ... Since I dropped a VIA chipset nForce2, everything works perfectly: this is not the fault of Edirol, although we are careful not to prvenir ...
The setup is simple: SETTING THE frquence of the chantillonage the UA-5 itself, SETTING THE latency through software (see below).


The drivers are stable and the latency is fairly good.

HOWEVER, and this is the I t trsdu:
- Obligation to revive the squenceur or disable playback Czech background to change to Sampling frequency drives.
- No panel CONTRL Asio in Cubase (you have to go in the control of Windows conf ... or be a shortcut well-sr) for rgler latency.
- Still no set day for almost a year (of course the driver is stable but its use is more than pnible).


Ok, I calm ...

The UA-5 is a trs good product if you are like me have a solution low latency audio inputs + 2 24 / "pseudo" 96 + Connection complte for a low price.

Warning your PC config: no IRQ sharing between graphics card and USB if it is the horror (Avoid VIA) made trs attention if you want to use the UA-5 with a laptop ...

In short, the UA-5 is the product Edirol archtype: trs a good value but an ergonomic qualitprix really rotten in comparison with most other brands.
As we do not change frequency drives, or SETTING THE latency every 30 seconds, I'm not too pnaliser overall rating: