Edirol UA-700
Edirol UA-700

UA-700, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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Ps2 10/29/2003

Edirol UA-700 : Ps2's user review


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My choice was motivated by the t simplicity and ergonomics to make work in my home studio simpler and easier. Clearly prfre I spend my time playing and recording rather than to configure a PC every 3 days!
I am a semi pro use (use almost daily anyway)
I use it with Logic Audio on a PC atlhon 1800 XP, 512 MB RAM, 7200 Dique trs and VIA chipset motherboard.
One reason for my choice, it is also the usb prsence of modlisation really INTERESTED COSM roland.


Installation is very simple, the manual as usual with roland is translated and explained quite well.
The config of drivers in LOGIC is a bit steep but trying rglages more, you get there.
I met some problem ASIO overload but without much consquenses.


The drivers are trs stable, but in logic even when there are still a few loaves. latency is high and the number of possible ways trs still unclear ...
If I load a little virtual instruments, VST and other plant then leaves the driver?
I have yet not more than 6 tracks recorded audio (guitar - bass - acoustic) and stability is still excellent.
Rectification: With XP, if you configure the Systm privilgiant in the background and in the display dconnectant XP and VENTS graphics and audio to read Systm, we win normment in stability and fluidity. Systm with this I live 3 synths (20 MIDI tracks) + 7 / 8 audio tracks instuments + 5 / 9 audio recording, all with automation ... without any crash. A real rgal!


I use it for 5 months and I do not regret my 192 L Waveterminal who planted all the time.
Its strength in the RSID treatment pr quality recordings, thank you for the COSM roland, and the quality of effects, as well as overall stability, even at full load.
The report price is the quality gard trs correct.
With the exprience, I would do without this choice problem, I have rarely seen as a reliable and powerful hardware.