ESI Gigaport HD
ESI Gigaport HD

Gigaport HD, USB audio interface from ESI.

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Thé-aux-Rems 07/12/2013

ESI Gigaport HD : Thé-aux-Rems's user review

«  4 Voice and low price. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Its main attraction was having four voices in stereo advantage of 4 deck Traktor on my PMC 280.


The drivers are ultra stable and in any case I never have a problem on several different config elsewhere. My latency is around 5 MS very correct to 4 simultaneous stereo audio tracks at 44 kHz 16 bit.


The installation is very simple, is branch and installs the driver point.Je are encountered no problems again in several OS and even multiple machines.


I use it for 2 years, I appreciate the price of 130 euro in nine and four voices stéréo.On will notice just an output level rise less than Native Instruments for example, but at this price you would never plaindras not!