Line 6 GuitarPort XT
Line 6 GuitarPort XT

GuitarPort XT, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the GuitarPort series.

MGR/Wesleigh 10/21/2004

Line 6 GuitarPort XT : MGR/Wesleigh's user review

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I bought this unit in Holland because i dont earn a lot of money, but still wanted to have many possibilities, i payed roughly 120 pounds for it.

This 'guitarport' has so many possibilities, that can even grow because line6 has made it possible that you can download new updates, effects, and styles of playing.. You can basicly press on a button for example 'Jimi hendrix' and it puts the effect that Jimi uses to play with, so you can play just like him.

What i dont like that because you have to play through you're computer speakers, you cant just take the 'Guitarport' and give a gig somewhere, you have to play at a computer.. But the price makes up for everything, considering a normal Stompbox (single effect box) has a price of about 100 pounds.

The construction well its a little box with on one side an socket for you're guitar cord, on the other side a socket for the withbrought usb cable. The quality of the unit is super, only if you have got bad quality speakers attached to you're pc, then the problem wont be the guitarport, but you're speakers.

Overall the Guitarport produced by Line6 is an outstanding product. Everybody can learn from it, even the professionals, and for the beginners it opens a new world of infinite possibilities..

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