Miditech Audioface II
Miditech Audioface II

Audioface II, USB audio interface from Miditech.

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melou2003 02/13/2011

Miditech Audioface II : melou2003's user review


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I needed a compact USB audio interface, simple to connect to my notebook seen in my live recording

I therefore used to record the sound output, RCA - RCA via audacity
The note book is a mini compaction


MIDITECH downloaded at the time to click, without installation problem
Stability OK, at least for the few trials
Tests on a stereo track, which is why I bought it
Latency: not watch


Adjusting the input gain, headphone jack, volume control, 2x I / O RCA, SPDIF out, USB, full duplex (Multitrack not tested)

Not open the manual


I have not yet registered for 3 hours straight, but my tests were concluded in several minutes; the sound is okay, quite usable for my needs.

For the home studio I use Steinberg MR 816X, I used the long XStation49 my audio interface, a SB live! MAUDIO 2496, and set audio interface moultes

+ What I like is its price, ease and practicality

For the price, I do not know if it plays in the same court that Behringer but hey, it works very well

The bad thing is the USB cable provided only worked for 5 minutes, I have replaced the

I put the 7 / 10 everywhere because it get the job done, I have not pushed to its limits and perfection does not exist ^ ^ It gets the job done