Novation Speedio
Novation Speedio

Speedio, USB audio interface from Novation.

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JeanChrist 09/03/2004

Novation Speedio : JeanChrist's user review


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Why is my choice?:
1-L'Interface AUDIO / USB
2-2 pramplis powered Mic fantme
3 - the principle of mobile solution, allowing me to follow a classical orchestra in its dplacements.

I use it, now, a console with Yamaha MG 12 / 4, 2 microphones and a B5 Behring dynamic capacitor, for soloists, under software Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe, Packard Bell laptop with a 2.6 GHz P IV, 512 MB, your exact is REALLY good.
[/ b] BUYING TO AVOID THE GERMAN SITE "Musik-Schmidt Megastore" in their publicity it provides the software sold and the dception rception, no software, they aprsrclamation corrected their site and rfut my request.


Trs simple: you plug, you insert the CD, you unplug, it reconnects, it leaves the installation is complete and running.
AFTER 2 AND A HALF MONTHS OF USE: I go back a little on my opinion, it is rgulirement reinstall the drivers, when you unplug the card and reconnect the DSIR is hot.
It is prfrable, After you install the drivers, plug the USB to the PC teind this soon to have reinstall the drivers.


Ormis the fact that we should avoid plugging the card "hot", no problem for drivers in Magix Music Studio 2004
As for the Shift? ultrieurement see.

APRS over 2 months: Still no problem in the studio in 2004.


For more than two months and it held its place.
associated with a console Yamaha MG12 / 4, I encountered is no problem.
I prfre?: audio interface
the ratio Q / P: 218 Euros including shipping (but without the software) with our neighbors (see above).