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Prismsound Lyra Audio Interfaces

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Prism Sound Lyra 2
News Prism Sound Lyra 2

Prism Sound launches of Lyra, a new family of interfaces aimed at musicians, composers, project studio owners, DJs and more.

Lyra, which will make its debut at the 2012 AES Convention in San Francisco, is based on the Orpheus interface.


Prism Sound, which plans to launch a number of different variants of Lyra, has started with Lyra 1 and Lyra 2. Both incorporate ARM Cortex-based ‘Xcore’ processor design offering class-compliant USB interfacing, plus DSP and a digital mixer for foldback monitoring. Both products also have optical SPDIF capability and Lyra 2 also supports ADAT.


Lyra 1, which retails at £1,349 plus VAT, is aimed at the musician and project studio market. This unit offers two analogue input channels – one for instrument/line and one for mic/line – plus two DA output channels and optical-only digital I/O. With Lyra 1, musicians can connect a guitar and a microphone through the input channels, plug into their software mixer via a USB connection.


Lyra 2, which retails at £1,849 plus VAT, takes the concept further by offering two AD input channels with switchable microphone, instrument or line input modes and four DA output channels. Both optical-only digital I/O and copper S/PDIF are available on this version of Lyra, which also offers wordclock In/Out enabling synchronization with other digital devices.


Both products have a front panel with a master volume control assignable to selected output channels.


Lyra will start shipping in November 2012.

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